Graduation Gift Ideas for Daughters

Updated March 29, 2017

Reward your daughter for her efforts and hard work at school with a thoughtful graduation gift. Choose a gift that will help her along with her next step in life, be it travelling, college or attending job interviews. What you buy will depend upon your budget. Although some graduates may expect "big ticket" items such as cash, a thoughtful and meaningful gift does not need to cost a fortune.


A notebook is a portable mini-laptop with built in Wi-Fi. If your daughter is planning to move away for college, a notebook will allow her to use word-processing documents to make notes during lectures, and surf the Internet without the need for a bulky desktop. Notebooks start at around £195 and come in a range of designs and colours. Include a carrying case which will protect her notebook from damage when she is travelling.

Digital Camera

The end of school marks a new chapter in life. Whatever your daughter plans to do next, a digital camera will help her capture memories in the next stage of her life. A digital camera will allow her to upload images to her computer and share them with friends or family. Whether she is heading off on vacation with friends, moving to college or spending quality time with family after studying, a digital camera will help her to treasure her precious moments.

Inspirational Book

Practical or inspirational books such as "The Debt-Free Graduate: How to Survive College Without Going Broke" or "Do What You Are" are thoughtful graduation gifts. A book that will assist your daughter in her career plans may cost less than £13 but could prove to be beneficial to her. Include a personal message in the front of the book stating how proud you are of her achievements and wishing her the best in her next steps.

Business Wardrobe

If your daughter is planning on securing a job, she will need professional attire to wear to interviews. Take her shopping to find an appropriate suit, shoes and bag that she can wear for interviews and meetings. A trouser suit, crisp white shirt and medium sized heels may be appropriate for her chosen career. Book her an appointment at a hair salon to get her hair restyled so that she feels both mentally and physically prepared to take on her potential new role.

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