Problems With a Honda Lawn Mower

Updated February 21, 2017

The Japan-based Honda Motor Company first began producing lawnmowers in 1979. However, the Honda technology that went into the motors of Honda lawnmowers had been in development for decades before. While Honda mowers have a strong reputation for being reliable and easy to use, they can potentially break down or suffer from other types of performance issues.

Poor Cutting

If a Honda lawnmower is not cutting grass efficiently, the problem could be a result of engine speed or propulsion speed. When you set a Honda lawnmower's throttle lever to a slow setting, the blades may not spin fast enough to cut grass optimally. To resolve the problem, set the throttle to a faster setting. Alternatively, if you propel the lawnmower too quickly over grass, the blades will not have enough time to cut effectively. The solution is to reduce your forward speed.

Uneven Cutting

If grass appears uneven after mowing, a Honda lawnmower may be suffering from an uneven height deck. You can fix the problem by setting the mower's height adjustment settings to the same positions. Other causes of poor or uneven cutting with a Honda lawnmower can include dull or damaged cutting blades and a clogged mower deck. Remedy these problems by sharpening or replacing blades and by cleaning out the mower deck.


Many Honda lawnmowers come equipped with bagging capabilities, which means they have attached bags for collecting grass clippings. Unfortunately, these bags can sometimes start overflowing with clippings or otherwise become incapable of storing them. In most instances, bagging problems are the result of clogged collection bags. Rips or tears are other possible causes.


A vibrating handle can make a Honda lawnmower difficult or uncomfortable to operate. Vibrations are commonly the result of grass or other debris becoming lodged underneath the cutting deck of the mower. However, unbalanced, damaged, bent and loose blades can also cause Honda lawnmowers to vibrate.

If the mower deck is unclogged and the blades are operating properly but the vibrations continue, bring the mower to a Honda lawnmower dealer for servicing. The problem could be a bent crankshaft or another mechanical malfunction.


Failing to start is a common problem with all types of lawnmowers, including Hondas. The throttle lever might be in the wrong position before you pull the start cord. The throttle lever should always be in the choke position if you are starting a Honda lawnmower, unless the engine has already warmed up. Other causes of starting problems include bad fuel, inadequate levels of fuel and dirty, faulty or improperly installed spark plugs. Most fuel problems you can solve by draining the old fuel and filling the tank with new fuel. For spark plug problems, you will need to either clean the plugs or replace them.

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