Teen Superhero Costume Ideas

Written by anthony szpak
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Teen Superhero Costume Ideas
Masks let you conceal your identity just like superheroes. (superhero image by Clarence Alford from Fotolia.com)

What teenager hasn't dreamed of having special powers? For decades, a common theme in comic books has been the awkward teen who developed superhuman strength that became both a blessing and a curse. Many learnt to use their powers for good and became famous fictional superheroes. Whether it's Halloween or just a costume party, you can choose from many teen superhero costumes.


A radioactive spider bit 15-year-old Peter Parker, a shy high school student, giving him a spider's strength and agility, and allowing him to cling to any surface. Purchase a Spiderman costume or make your own from a pattern, which can be purchased online or at craft stores. To make your costume interactive, tape or tie aerosol string canisters to your forearms. Simply press the button to shoot out colourful string like Spiderman's web sling. You could also go as Peter Parker by wearing glasses, a tank top, trousers and a white-button up shirt.


Anna Marie's powers first manifested in her early teens when she kissed a boy and sent him into a coma. Anna Marie started out as a villain, but then became "Rogue" and joined the X-Men, fighting evil and trying to bridge the gap between humans and mutants. For Rogue's hair, create a white streak with temporary hair colour. You'll need a black jumpsuit or the yellow-and-black uniform as in the comic books. Don't forget you need black gloves to keep from draining other people's life and powers.


When Tim Drake discovered that Dick Grayson was the original Robin, who had now retired to become Nightwing, Tim worked to become Batman's new Robin. Since his parents had died, Bruce Wayne adopted Tim and let him become his sidekick. Robin also became a member of the Teen Titans. You can choose from Robin's first costume of yellow cape, black eye mask, red vest, green boots and green gloves -- or you can wear his updated costume of red tights, red shirt, black cape, black boots and gloves and a black mask.


Descending from an ancient line of African Princesses, Ororo Monroe became "Storm," a mutant with the power to control the weather. She joined forces with the X-Men after picking the pocket of Professor Xavier as a teenager. You can easily spot Storm with her long white hair. Either purchase a wig or use temporary dye. Throughout the comic book history of Storm, her costume has changed quite a bit. To dress like Halle Berry (who played one movie version of Storm), you'll need a black leather top and trousers. To capture the comic book version, you'll need a form-fitting, long-sleeve white shirt, tight white trousers and a white cape.

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