Dinosaur Scene in a Box for School Projects

Written by jennifer holik | 13/05/2017
Dinosaur Scene in a Box for School Projects
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Dinosaur dioramas, or scenes in a box, are common school projects for elementary schoolchildren. Dioramas are easy to create and teach children about dinosaur environments. Project ideas do not just revolve around dinosaur habitats but can branch out into other areas like museum displays. Let children be as creative as they want with this type of project.

Dinosaur Habitat

Dinosaur habitat projects typically include tall palmlike trees, volcanoes, rocks and dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. Creating the dinosaurs out of clay or similar media and placing them in the centre of the box helps give the scene a 3-D look. Add to the look by placing a tree and leaf border around the outside of the box.

Museum Dinosaurs

Students can create a scene from their favourite museum or movie about a museum using dinosaurs. Scenes can include a dinosaur made of bones or clay, people looking at the dinosaur, platform for the dinosaur and a background.

Cut and Color Projects

Provide students with copies of dinosaurs, trees and plants to cut out, colour and paste into a box. Students can create a background with volcanoes, meteors or just plain landscape. This project helps younger students with their cutting.

Food Chain Diorama

Explain to students about the dinosaur food chain and have them create a diorama that illustrates this concept. Students could make a large dinosaur getting ready to eat a smaller one or a flying dinosaurs swooping in to gather fish from a lake.

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