Things to say to your best friends on their birthdays

Updated April 17, 2017

It's your friend's birthday, and you want to know how to make it an extra-special one. Sure, you could get a gift or throw a fantastic party, but sometimes, words can mean more to those you care about. Use this occasion to say something memorable that she can take with her throughout the year and look back on fondly. Of course, you know your friends best, as well as what to say to them, but a few timeless sentiments never go out of style.

You're Great

There's never a better time to tell your friends what a terrific person they are than on their birthdays. But don't make it just a generic "you're nice" kind of statement. You know your best friends well, so think of specific things that make them special. For instance, if they are the most passionate volleyball players or church volunteers you've ever seen, say that. Sometimes best friends need to be reminded about what makes them stand out.

I'm Proud

Birthdays are the perfect time to savour past achievements and to tell your friends how proud of them you are. Go over how hard they worked to meet their goals, and how wonderful it feels for you to see them enjoying the fruits of their labours. Let them know you look forward to seeing many more great things from them in their chosen fields or in whatever path they are presently pursuing.

Thank You

Gratitude is always an appreciated sentiment, and it is even better when you offer it to friends on their birthdays. Make a list of things that they've done over the year (or past few years) for which you are grateful and go over it with them. The chances are good that they forgot quite a few of the items, and maybe you did too, before you called them to mind. Reviewing them will bring you closer together, and give you a new-found appreciation for each other.

Best Wishes

You want your best friends to have every happiness in the world, and now is the time to let them know it. Tell them you hope that all their dreams and prayers come true. Mention goals they have that you hope they achieve (unless they shared these with you in confidence, of course). Express how you will stand by them on their journey towards a fulfilling (or more fulfilling) life, and will be there to enjoy it with them when you both arrive.

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