How to Make Birdcage Centerpieces for a Wedding

Updated November 21, 2016

Table decorations are a big part of traditional wedding receptions, and the centrepiece should be the highlight. Renting and buying centrepieces for weddings may get very costly, depending on the size of the guest list and the number of the tables. Make your own birdcage centrepieces to display flowers, candles or other decor. Birdcage centrepieces are fun, attractive and inexpensive to make, an attractive and interesting detail to any wedding reception.

Find metal or wooden birdcages at craft stores, second-hand shops and home and garden retailers. Some sellers may offer discounts on bulk purchases. Purchase multiples of the same birdcage for uniform decorations, or many different kinds of birdcages to create a unique look at each table.

Place one large pillar or round candle inside each birdcage. The candles may be any colour; most choose to coordinate the candles with the rest of the wedding palate.

Place ferns, foliage and/or flowers around the base of the candle in a circular pattern to create a faux nest. Choose flowers in the colours of the wedding.

Add one or more flowers to the top of the cage by inserting stems between the bars.

Secure the top flower(s) to the cage with floral wire or tape, and cut away any excess stem with scissors.


Substitute the central candle for a vase to add more flowers to the centrepieces. The vase may also be filled with shells or coloured glass.

Things You'll Need

  • Birdcages (one per table)
  • Pillar/round candles (one per table)
  • Ferns/foliage/flowers
  • Floral wire/tape
  • Scissors
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