Razor combs for grooming dogs

Written by zach lazzari | 13/05/2017
Razor combs for grooming dogs
Razor combs are used for a controlled grooming process. (dog image by apeschi from Fotolia.com)

Razor combs are effective for grooming shaggy dogs. The combs use razor prongs to break through thick fur mats. The razor comb is a heavy-duty item that is necessary on dogs that do not have regular grooming. As a speciality product, there are not many different brands of razor combs, but dog owners do have several options.

Master Grooming Tools

Master Grooming Tools manufactures a large variety of dog grooming products. The razor comb uses 10 blades to break through thick tangles. The comb also has a rubber handle for a solid grip and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The angle of the blades allows you to apply pressure without risk of injuring the dog. The comb is designed for heavy use on thick-coat dogs, but it can also be used on smaller pets.

Safari Mat Splitter

The Safari Mat Splitter is a single-blade comb that is designed for heavy use. The comb has a rounded tip to prevent injury but the blade is very sharp. The blade is also easy to replace when it becomes dull. The single-blade comb is ideal for small and large animals. It can be used on dogs and cats and it folds into a safe, portable position. The comb has high reviews from Amazon.com buyers.

Safari De-Matting Comb

The Safari De-Matting comb is similar to the Master Grooming Razor comb. The comb uses 12 sharp blades to break through mats and tangles. The comb is effective on big-coat dogs when combined with the Safari mat splitter. It uses a non-slip handle and the blades are angled to prevent injuries. The comb is effective when pressure is applied and it will not damage the healthy hair. It also has excellent reviews from Amazon.com customers.

Li'l Pals Double Sided Comb

The Li'l Pals comb uses metal rakes on both sides of the handle. The comb is not as sharp as the other models and it is intended for use on smaller dogs. The comb has a rubber non-slip handle and the metal rakes are set at a slight angle to prevent sticking the dog. The comb is not effective on large dogs with thick coats, but it is ideal for grooming toy poodle-sized dogs.

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