Ideas for a Wedding Reception Using Royal Blue, Silver & White

Updated April 17, 2017

If your favourite colour is blue, pair it with silver and white to create a memorable wedding reception. Although this colour combination is often used for winter weddings because the colours bring to mind the dramatic hues of snow and ice, there are several ways to use blue, silver and white in the venue to create lovely wedding decor

Table Décor

Drape royal blue tablecloths over your tables to make a bold colour statement and accent the tablecloths with silver or white runners made from organza, tulle or satin. Place the runners in the centres of the tables and allow their edges to hang over the sides of the tables. White plates and napkins with silver decorative accents look stunning when seen against a blue backdrop. Another option is to use a white tablecloth with a two-tone runner; one half of the runner can be blue and the other silver. Blue tablewear and napkins will brighten up white table linens and add a touch of drama.

Chair Décor

Chairs are a crucial element for your reception but can run on the pricey side to rent. A good way to transform an ordinary metal chair is to use a chair cover. Chair covers are often made of satin, cotton, lace or organza. Depending on the look you want, you can incorporate blue, silver and white into your seating. For example, when decorated with silver tulle bows that drape down to the floor, a cotton or silk blue chair cover can give the reception venue a romantic look. To add a touch of elegance and glamour, pair white chair covers with blue and silver silk bows.

Table Centerpieces

There are several ways to incorporate blue, silver and white into your table centrepieces. Place royal blue candles of different lengths on a silver mirror and sprinkle blue flower petals or rhinestones onto the mirror for a glitzy effect. As a variation, place a blue floral wreath or faux pearls around the candle arrangement. Alternatively, hot glue artificial blue flowers such as carnations or roses to a round florist's foam ball. Cut the stems of the flowers until they measure 1 inch in length, and glue the flower heads to the ball, covering it in a spiral pattern. Place these blue floral balls in silver metallic bowls set in the middle of each table or align the floral balls along the runners.

Balloon Bouquets

Balloon bouquets are playful decorations that you can place around the venue's entrance or by a gift table. Use six to eight balloons to create a large balloon bouquet. One option for a balloon bouquet is to accent four royal blue balloons with two white balloons and two silver balloons. For a glitzy touch, use pearlescent balloons in royal blue, medium blue and white and adorn the bouquets with silver curling ribbon. If you prefer, create balloon bouquets in a single colour.

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