Reasons why school uniforms are bad

School uniforms are becoming more popular, and many United States school districts have a school uniform policy. Although there are many reasons why school uniforms are beneficial, there are also many experts who believe that uniforms can be detrimental to the school experience and a student's transition into adulthood. School uniforms can cost you more money and stifle your child's self-expression.

Uncomfortable Styles

School uniforms can be uncomfortable. Crisp, starched shirts, uncomfortable tights and tight ties are not conducive to your child's learning experience. The traditional uniform may not be the best clothing in which your child could spend the day learning. An uncomfortable learning environment can lead to your child having trouble focusing on academics.

Lack of Self-Expression

Clothing and style allows your child to express herself. Whether it is the colour she chooses to wear or whether she chooses trousers over a skirt, choosing her own clothing will let your child tell her peers who she is. A school uniform allows for little personalisation and can make a child feel stifled in her creativity.

Difficulty Adjusting to Adulthood

Many experts believe that uniforms control the social development of children. Having your child not choose his own clothing every day and having all his peers be on the same level as him can harm his view of reality in the world today. Though uniforms put all children on the same playing field in terms of style and fashion, when they leave school, they may have difficulty adjusting to life outside of school.

Cost of Uniforms

When your child wears a school uniform, you will have to purchase two sets of clothing: their everyday street clothing and the uniforms. Some advocates of school uniforms believe that they stop parents from having to purchase the latest styles and most popular brands. However, you will likely have to purchase those clothes regardless of whether your child wears a uniform since your child will need clothing other than her uniforms outside of school.

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