Baptism Gifts for Your Grandchild

Updated November 21, 2016

A baptism is a special time for the person being baptised, but it is also special for close friends and family members. When your grandchild is being baptised, choose a gift that is fitting of the occasion. People being baptised are typically young and could be a baby, a small child or even a teenager. Whatever age the person is, there are lots of appropriate gifts that are perfect.


Babies who are being baptised typically wear gowns, whether they are girls or boys. These gowns often have intricate embroidery, lace or other embellishments on them. Purchase the baptismal gown that your grandchild will wear when she is being baptised. Many people frame the gown to preserve it and remember the special occasion.


Select a book to give the child. Choose a Bible for the child and have his name printed on the outside of it, along with the date of his baptism. Another idea is to purchase religious books that are age appropriate. For a small child, select picture books or colouring books that have a religious theme. Older children being baptised might enjoy a book that tells them how to handle high school, dating and other challenges while staying true to their religion.


Select a piece of jewellery for your grandchild. Many different kinds of jewellery would work well for a child being baptised. For example, select a bracelet or a necklace with a cross detail for a small child or a baby being baptised. Have the jewellery engraved with her name and the date of her baptism.


A baptism is something that the child, his parents and other close family members will want to remember forever. Help them remember the event by hiring a videographer to film the event. Have a video made of the actual baptism, along with video messages made by friends and family members. They can give the child advice on the video.

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