Wooden match crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

Wooden matches are versatile building materials for a variety of craft projects. Wooden match crafts are not difficult to construct, but they do require patience to complete. Purchase headless wooden matchsticks at hobby and craft shops, or burn the heads off standard wooden matches before creating your projects. Decorate the wooden designs with acrylic paint or embellish them with bits of fabric, beads, buttons and flat-back rhinestones.

Model kits

Craft and hobby shops sell kits for a variety of wooden match stick models. The kits include the wooden matches, glue and design plans. You can find match kit model designs for aeroplanes, trains, trucks, castles and speciality projects such as the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. If you prefer to craft your own designs, headless wooden matches are available in packs of 10,000; each match is 3.7 cm (1 1/2 inches) long.

Jewellery box

Create a four-sided jewellery box with wooden matches, iced lolly sticks and water-based craft glue. Build the sides of the jewellery box to any dimension by stacking horizontal wooden matches in a vertical row. Whenever you are crafting with wooden matches and glue, cover your work surface with waxed paper. Spread glue onto the sides of the wooden matches that are facing up, then place two flat lolly sticks on top to hold the side panel together. You can cut the lolly sticks with a craft knife to fit the height of the jewellery box sides. Make four side panels, then attach them at the corners with craft glue. Make the bottom panel and lid using the same construction techniques.


Wooden match crosses are popular craft projects. Crafters often prefer to use matchsticks with burnt heads, rather than the headless matches, for this project because the burnt heads add design interest to the finished project. Cut out a cardboard cross to use as a backing for the wooden matches. To make the cross, glue four sets of seven matches side by side so that the heads form a V shape. Make four sets of five matches, also with V-shaped heads. Glue two of the seven sets in a vertical row to the cardboard to make the bottom line of the cross; the V should be facing the bottom. Glue the heads of one set on top of the bottoms of the second set. Glue another seven set to the cardboard to make the top of the cross; the V shape should be at the top. Glue the remaining two seven sets to create the sides of the cross. Glue the four five sets diagonally at the centre of the cross.

Matchstick planter

Make a four-sided planter using wooden matches and iced lolly sticks. Create the four sides of the planter by gluing vertical matches side by side for the desired width of the planter. Stack the rows to the desired height of the planter. Put the stacked rows together by gluing lolly sticks to the back. Glue the four sides together at the corners. Create the bottom of the planter with connected lolly sticks or with a piece of cardboard. Punch drainage holes in the bottom and line the inside of the wooden match planter with plastic before planting.

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