Gifts to Fit Into Mailing Envelopes

Updated July 20, 2017

Receiving gifts can brighten anyone's day, especially if the gift is unexpected. From flowers to chocolate to a more personalised item such as clothing, gifts are given for different reasons and in many forms. Although giving a present to someone in person is more meaningful, our loved ones are not always close by. That is when small gift ideas that can fit in a mailing envelope come in handy. When choosing a small gift, keep the person in mind and make the gift as meaningful as possible. Sometimes these small tokens of friendship or love are more meaningful than a bouquet of flowers, especially because of the surprise element, originality and simplicity.


With digital cameras, we take hundreds of digital pictures on a regular basis; some of our photo albums are even online. Surprise someone by mailing her a few prints of photos taken of both of you together. Whether you are travelling or she is, the photos will be a nostalgic surprise. You can also print photos of where you are currently located, or if she is abroad, send her photos that remind her of home. Printing photos are a very thrifty way to send a smile in an envelope.

Friendship Bracelet

It may seem like a middle school activity, but making friendship bracelets are more than a school-aged pastime. Making a bracelet is low in cost, although it can take a couple of hours depending on how fast you are. There are simple patterns that can be done in a short amount of time. Combine the recipient's favourite colours to ensure she will love it. These bracelets can also be hooked onto a key ring to make a key chain before being sent in an envelope.

Event Tickets

Event tickets can be more expensive than the other options, but it may be a complete hit with the gift recipient. If he is a concert fanatic or a sports fan, purchase the event tickets and mail them to him; this can be a very exciting gift to receive. Do you have a less expensive budget? Try purchasing movie or theatre tickets. People love to go to the movies; free movie passes can be a welcome gift for the young and old.

Gift Cards

Most retail stores now offer the option of gift tokens. These come in different denominations and can fit in a small envelope. Find out the recipient's favourite store or restaurants and purchase the certificate. This can be done on most company websites also. A useful gift card is a long-distance phone card she can use to call you. Another gift card idea is for fitness lovers. Many gyms or yoga studios offer gift token options. A lot of fitness can fit into the small envelope!

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