Soccer and Football Skills and Tricks

Updated March 18, 2017

Being successful at soccer is about much more than tricks and skills. A range of technical, mental and physical attributes are required to influence a soccer match. This doesn't mean tricks are useless; some of the world's greatest players use them in their game. Sometimes, though, it's just about showing off. Whether you're looking to impress your friends or make a real impact in a soccer game, there is a trick for you.

Ball Juggling

This is where you kick the ball slightly into the air with one foot, high enough to give you time to kick it with the other foot back into the air. Keep repeating this pattern of juggling the ball without letting it touch the ground. You can also bounce the ball on your head, knees or shoulders.

Advanced Tricks

Ball juggling is the simplest soccer trick but it can be turned into an advanced one. Follow the same process of ball juggling but use your heels to kick the ball into the air to take on heel juggling. The around-the-world trick can also be added into standard ball juggling. This is achieved by kicking the ball into the air with the top side of your big toe, then moving your foot outside and over the ball, then back underneath before it hits the floor. Hitting it with your little toe allows you to move your foot inside and over the ball. The back roll can be done as a standalone trick or added to juggling. Kick the ball high enough for it to land on your right shoulder and as it makes contact, spin around so it moves to---and flicks off---your left shoulder. Catch the ball on your foot or continue to juggle.


This is a trick that you can use effectively on the soccer pitch to lose an opponent. When dribbling with the ball, bring your kicking foot around the ball and push the ball away from the defender with the outside of the same foot. The opponent will be tricked into believing you were going to kick the ball and go one way as you go the other.


A simple trick that can be very effective on the field, the Cruyff turn is named after legendary Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff, who invented the turn. It is best used for a winger running down the side of the pitch, tracked by a defender. Pull your leg back as if to cross but instead of making contact with the ball, move you foot over the ball and drag it back with the inside of your foot, behind the standing leg. You should now be moving in the reverse direction and if the trick worked, the defender will still be turning around. Other turns include the inside hook turn, outside hook turn and drag back turn.

Advanced In-Game Skills

The Marseilles roulette was a favourite of the now-retired French soccer player Zinedine Zidane. Dribble directly toward on opponent and move in front of the ball and turn your back as you get close. As soon as your back is turned, place your foot on the top of the ball and drag it back past the opponent. Spin back around and continue the run. Current Portuguese soccer star Christiano Ronaldo has an arsenal of tricks at his disposal, and one of these is the Ronaldo Chop. Running with the ball toward a defender, he jumps over the ball. In mid-jump he swings one foot over the ball, then kicks the ball with the inside of the other foot. As the defender tries to react, Ronaldo is already chasing down the ball.

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