Post Apocalyptic Costume Ideas

Written by halley wilson
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Post Apocalyptic Costume Ideas
One classic apocalypse theme is zombies. (zombie 16 image by chrisharvey from

In post-apocalyptic fiction, a catastrophic event causes the end of civilisation as we know it. Nuclear war can result in mutants, biological disasters cause incurable plague, or technology creates computers and robots who turn on mankind. A few humans always survive, so you can choose to be a hero or a zombie, or anything in between.


Many apocalyptic stories feature zombies who terrorise the post-apocalyptic world. Rip up some cheap clothes for a tattered look, and dust dark eyeshadow on your skin and clothes to represent dirt. Add a few open wounds using layers of spirit gum, and face paint for a complete zombie look. Alternatively, be the good guy and dress as a zombie hunter. Wear a white tank top and cargo trousers with a bandanna tied around your leg as a mock tourniquet. Carry a fake machine gun or cross bow to fight off the zombie hordes.


An apocalypse is sure to cause some chemical spillage and create a few mutants. An extra appendage here or there makes an identifiable mutant. Be creative and add extra arms to the sides of a shirt, an additional head on your shoulder or a tail in the back. Paint parts of your skin a neon colour to look radio active.

Disease Victim

Horrible diseases plague the post-apocalyptic world. Create a disease victim costume by brushing black make-up powder at the hollow of your cheeks, and circle your eyes with a light yellow eyeshadow to look gaunt and jaundiced. Wear a hospital gown and rip parts of it to make it look tattered.

Apocalypse Fighter

Every apocalypse movie has a hero who fights the zombies and mutants. Wear a vest with pockets and straps over a solid colour T-shirt. Stash a supply of water bottles and protein bars in the vest so that they're peaking out of the pockets. Carry two fake machine guns on your back and strap one fake hand gun onto each thigh over some ripped trousers. Tuck a plastic dagger into the side of one and create some wounds with fake blood or face paint and spirit gum.

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