Three Wise Men Crafts for Kids

Updated July 20, 2017

The Three Wise Men is a story that is found in the Bible. It is a story about three wise men, who rode their camels to see baby Jesus by following a star. They brought expensive gifts with them, too. As an extension of the story, you can have students in vacation Bible school or at home, create crafts depicting the scenes or objects from the story. The things children can create include stars, camels or even a crown.


Create a crown by using a paper plate and folding it in half. Cut triangles from the folded end of the plate, but leave approximately 1 inch left at the open end. Open the plate and lift the tips of the crown straight up to form the crown spikes. To decorate the crown, it may be easier if the spikes are flat, and you can apply glue, glitter, stickers to decorate the crown. For younger children, crayons and markers may be used, too.


Find and print out a camel template on white paper. Use scissors and cut out the camel. However, cut the camel from the inside. To do this, poke a hole in the middle of the paper followed by cutting out the template. You should now have an outline of the camel. Set the camel aside. Take a sheet of black paper and use glue or tape to adhere the cut-out to the black paper. This creates a silhouette of the camel. For an extra effect, you can create the image of a frame by adding a slightly larger white paper behind the black paper. Hold it in place with adhesive of your choice.


Form a star using wood craft sticks and hot glue. Ten sticks should suffice. Let the glue dry. Decorate the star with glitter or other embellishments. You can take a strong string such as fish line or a thin piece of rope and tie it to the star, and hang it up for display.


This easy craft can be used with white yarn or even cotton balls. Draw or print a sheep template on paper. Paste the yarn or cotton balls to the sheep. This is the wool. If using yarn, cut in 1-inch strips, fold in half and glue the folded part to the paper. Be sure to use markers or crayons to draw a face. Wiggly eyes can be substituted, too. Children can draw the Three Wise Men beside the sheep, or any other characters of the story to add to their craft.

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