Coatings to make floor tiles less slippery

Updated April 17, 2017

According to Phil Hughes and Ed Ferrett, authors of "Introduction to Health and Safety at Work," accidents that are a result of slippery flooring account for "30 per cent of all major accidents all year." Many of these accidents can be avoided by applying a non-slip coating to floor tiles that increases the grip your feet have on the tiles and reduces slipperiness. If you own a home or business with slippery tile, there are a number of tile coating options for you to consider.

Slip Doctors

The Slip Doctors floor treatment is an anti-slip solution designed for use with natural floor tiles (it should not be used with synthetic floor tiles, however). The solution is applied to a clean, dry surface and rinsed off. Once the excess is rinsed off, the coated tiles are resistant to slippage whether wet or dry. Four and a half litres (1 gallon) of Slip Doctors floor treatment is designed to cover 37 square metres (400 square feet) of tile, so measure your tile space before application.

Tile Grip

Tile Grip is a biodegradable coating that will bring your tile's "coefficient of friction" to well above 0.60. According to the definition given by Poly Print, coefficient of friction "is a unitless number that represents the resistance to sliding of two surfaces in contact with each other" whose "value should be between 0 and 1." The higher the coefficient of friction for your floor, the better. The instructions that come with the coating recommend that the area being treated be cleaned with an "acid-free, non-abrasive" cleaner, the sealant and/or wax be removed and that a sample area be tested before the widespread application.

Skid Safe

Skid Safe is a anti-slip coating that designed for use with everything from tile floorings, to wood, to concrete and metal. It brings the tile's coefficient of friction up to 0.81 when dry and 0.77 when wet and finishes with a high gloss look that is resistant to staining. The manufacturer claims that Skid Safe will not "yellow, peel, flake, crack or chip" and back up this claim with a five year warranty on the product.

Grizzly Grip

Grizzly Grip is an aromatic urethane coating that can be applied to truck beds, pool decks, roofs and floor tiles. Grizzly Grip comes in clear as well as colour variants and is applied with a paint roller. Prior to using Grizzly Grip on tile, you must clean the area thoroughly and let it dry. Then, the manufacturer recommends that you apply a coat of their "XL Aerospace Primer" before apply the Grizzle Grip product. With this product in place, however, your tile floor will be safe and slip free.

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