Outdoor Heating With Solar Heaters

Updated February 21, 2017

Most heaters rely on fossil fuels to power the heater. These fossil fuels cost money and harm the environment, so some environmentally conscious homeowners have chosen to use solar power to generate the energy needed to heat air and water. Heating air raises the temperature of a room so those in the room are comfortable. Hot water is used for bathing, cooking, cleaning and swimming comfortably in a swimming pool.

Batch Collector

Solar panels need a lot of space to catch enough sunlight to generate the electricity needed to power the heater. Sunlight can also directly heat water. A batch collector receives sunlight and heats up water within a tank. Once the water has reached a certain temperature, the system pumps the water into the solar storage backup system, where the hot water waits until the property owners need the water. The batch collector can be placed anywhere, since the water circulates using pressure that is already in the pipe system. Property owners can also create an even cheaper outdoor shower system effective after swimming in a cold pool. The batch sits above the shower and collects sunlight, keeping the water warm until someone wants to rinse off.

Swimming Pool Heater

Those who do not want to freeze at all in the swimming pool can use solar-powered pool water heaters. Solar panels collect sunlight all day long and create a reserve of energy. When the water gets cold, pool owners can turn on the heater and warm up the swimming pool. However, the heaters will need to generate more energy depending on how cold the swimming pool gets and colder months tend to not have as much sunlight, so the heater might not generate enough energy to warm the pool during the winter.


When sunlight strikes an insulated object, that object can get hotter over time, such as with the inside of a car. Harness this heat with solar energy by simply redirecting the heat do a different outdoor location, so that outdoor occupants can enjoy warm temperatures and fresh air. However, outdoor areas need more heat than enclosed spaces, since the heat tends to rise and dissipate.

Solar Battery

Solar panels can generate electricity needed to power anything. Combining a solar battery recharger with a battery-powered heater can allow property owners to avoid wasting energy on heating. The amount of battery power that the heater needs to operate for a long time might be greater than the energy that the solar panels can generate.

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