Ideas for rocket ship birthday cakes & cup cakes

Updated April 17, 2017

If your child dreams of flying into outer space one day, indulge him by throwing a rocket ship-themed party for his next birthday. Get him an astronaut costume, and purchase Martian ears from a party supply store for each child. When the children have worn themselves out playing aliens and space rangers, serve a rocket-themed cake or cupcakes.

Rocket Ship-Shaped Cake

Purchase a cake mould for a rocket ship at a speciality baking supply shop or online. Bake the cake in the mould as you normally would, then frost to look like a ship. Frost the entire cake white, write "U S A" horizontally down the rocket with blue and red M&Ms and draw a US flag. For inspiration, search for pictures of rocket ship cakes posted on websites such as Coolest Birthday Cakes.

Individual Rocket Ship Cakes

Ue a mini-mold and make individual rocket-shaped cakes for each party guest. You can also make one big sheet cake and use a cookie cutter shaped like a space ship to make the individual cakes. Keep the decor on the mini-cakes simple by decorating the top of each with white frosting and covering it with red and blue M&M's.

Rocket Ship Cupcakes

Bake vanilla cupcakes with red and blue food colouring. Decorate the top with icing and then place a plastic miniature rocket toy on top. You can find these cake toppers at party supply stores. You can also alternate with red, white and blue frosting.

Rocket Ship Cupcake Formation

Another idea with the individual cupcakes is to form a rocket ship using the cupcakes. Pack them closely together and remove the cupcake liners from them. Frost the cupcakes all at once as one big cake. Use thick royal icing that is less likely to fall between the cracks of the cupcakes as opposed to buttercream. Spell out U S A across the cupcakes in M&Ms. The kids will be surprised when they realise it is not one big cake and enjoy "taking apart" the rocket when they reach for a cupcake. Place cupcakes on a baking tray to prevent too much mess when pulling apart cupcakes.

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