Public Speaking Topics for Primary School

Written by thea theresa english | 13/05/2017
Public Speaking Topics for Primary School
Public speaking topics should be fun, interesting and appropriate for a young audience. (RE class image by redrex from

Public speaking skills help children and teens learn how to express their beliefs and opinions to the public and also build confidence. When teaching public speaking in class, you want to encourage your students by giving them feedback on their speeches and do this in a way that does not belittle or frustrate them to the point of giving up. For those who are having trouble, offer to spend extra time with them after school or during recess if they struggle with certain techniques.

The Benefits of Field Trips

This would be a good topic because most students enjoy spending time on activities outside of the classroom. The student can mention in his speech several benefits of field trips such as the opportunity to learn about the world around you, a chance to explore future career opportunities and that field trips are a good way for a class to learn about teamwork through outdoor activities.

Ways to Improve School Lunches

Another good idea is to find out how your students feel about school lunches by having them each prepare and give a speech that states four ways that their school lunches could be improved. One student may suggest that the cafeteria staff increase the portion of meats on their plates and get rid of the tasteless prepackaged mini pizzas, while another student would discuss the need for a better variety of vegetables with the lunches.

Lack of School Activities

If there aren't many clubs or activities in the school, you can ask your students to present a 20-minute speech on what types of clubs and activities they feel should be started at the school. One student may mention that the school needs a Spanish club because most of the students there take Spanish classes and because of this, a Spanish club can help them learn this language better.

Creative Community Service Ideas

If you want to them teach students the value of service to others and get them thinking about outreach, you can have each student give a speech where they discuss two creative ways that young people can reach out to their communities. Ask them to think about ideas that are not the usual, like donating canned goods or holding a bake sale.

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