Ideas for the area behind a sofa

Written by kristen berry | 13/05/2017
Ideas for the area behind a sofa
Filling the space behind a sofa softens the angles of a square furniture arrangement. (living room setting with couch and coffee table image by David Smith from

Make the most of the area behind the sofa with functional pieces that double as decorative elements. When the eye is drawn to an empty space behind the sofa, the result is often a room that appears clinical and lacks warmth or dimension. Go from mundane to marvellous with a sofa table or accent piece that makes the entire room appear more inviting.

Sofa Table

A sofa table reaching the same height as the couch makes an excellent backdrop for a small lamp and decorative accessories such as candles or books. Choose a long, narrow table to follow the line of the couch. A table in an unexpected shade such as red or yellow adds a pop of colour and cheer to dark or neutral-coloured sofas. Patterned sofas call for tables with softer finishes such as natural woods or pale blue or beige paint schemes.

Houseplant With Uplighting

Ideas for the area behind a sofa
Mist palms once a week to mimic their natural environment. (palm tree leaf image by genas from

For smaller areas receiving ample sunlight, opt for a tall houseplant behind the couch to create a fresh-looking atmosphere. Easy-care houseplants such as palms or corn plants not only create oxygen, but they also protect your sofa from the sun's damaging rays. Place an up-light at the base of the plant and plug it into a timer to create consistent evening lighting for a warm glow that makes your sofa appear all the more inviting.

Floor Lamp

Ideas for the area behind a sofa
Choose a floor lamp that reflects your personal design tastes. (Floor lamp on white background image by Dmitry Nikolaev from

A tall, substantial floor lamp is the worth the investment for filling the space behind an angled couch. If your couch is angled against a corner, a floor lamp creates a reading nook and decorative element at the same time. Try blending a traditional sofa with a contemporary floor lamp for an eclectic look that gives your space a modern yet cosy feel. If your sofa is more contemporary, add a floor lamp with a natural fibre or rattan woven shade to balance the clean lines of your contemporary sofa.

Sound System

Ideas for the area behind a sofa
Make use of a forgotten stereo system. (record player image by jeancliclac from

For an unconventional and more creative option, place an oblong or oval table behind the couch for supporting a decorative sound system such as a retro record player or radio. Make sure the table is the same height or slightly taller than the back of the couch. Use the surface of a larger table as an opportunity to display vintage records or music memorabilia. Position the system for easy access to controls and loading various music choices.

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