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Updated March 20, 2017

School librarians constantly update their notice boards and table displays to encourage children to read new things. Displays can centre around a theme, holiday, series of books, library event and award-winning authors and illustrators. The display ideas are endless. Keep displays colourful and uncluttered to encourage the children to read them.

Banned Books Week Display

The American Library Association participates in Banned Book Week each year in the early fall. Displaying banned books to promote awareness can be done in a couple of ways. Create a notice board that has the title "Don't Read These Books," and put up covers of banned books. Create a table display of banned books wrapped in brown paper with the paper torn a little to reveal the book. Rope off a section of the library and put banned books there with a sign that indicates the books are off limits.

National Library Week Display

National Library Week occurs in April and is a good time for school librarians to celebrate the importance of reading and public libraries. Materials for notice board displays can be downloaded from the website (see Resources). Create a table of new books to encourage children to read new authors. Create a notice board with popular authors that includes the author's photograph and a short biography. Keep displays colourful and eye-catching.

Display Ideas to Market the Library

It is important to market the benefits of the school library to students and parents. Creating reading contests with prizes is one way to do this. To display this idea, create a notice board with the contest rules and a list of prizes. Include a list of the benefits of the library. Add clip art to make the board more noticeable and colourful.


Create displays around themes such as the first day of school, a holiday, a book fair and creative writing. Create a collage of book covers or author photos as part of the display. Include a table or book rack near the display board with the books being discussed and books appropriate for the theme.

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