Things to Do for My Wife's 40th Birthday

Updated November 21, 2016

Turning 40 years old can be a big deal for many women. While some women might embrace entering a new decades, others might dread the new era in their lives. However your wife is feeling about turning 40, she definitely deserves a celebration. Plan a party or a birthday celebration that is fitting of her personality and how you believe she would want to spend the day.

Surprise Party

Throw a surprise party for your wife on her 40th birthday. Rather than throwing a typical "over the hill" party, throw a 40 and fabulous party for her. Rent a private dining room at her favourite restaurant and decorate with bright red or hot pink decor. Encourage guests to dress up in cocktail attire. Convince her that you are taking her out for dinner and have all of her friends and family already inside the restaurant.

Weekend Away

Take your wife away from her stressful ordinary life and celebrate her 40th birthday with a weekend getaway. Drive to a nearby city and spend the weekend at a bed and breakfast with a trip to a winery. Alternatively, fly to a tropical beach location and reconnect as a couple while you celebrate her birthday.

Relaxation Day

Give your wife a relaxing treat on her 40th birthday. Treat her and a few of her best friends to a day at a local spa. They can have their hair done, have manicures, pedicures, massages, facials and other spa treatments done. She can begin her 40s feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Shopping Spree

Maybe your wife would like to start a new era in her life with a new style. Spend a day at the mall with her and let her choose all sorts of new shirts, dresses, pairs of trousers, purses, jewellery or whatever it is that she would like. Many women enjoy shopping, so this would likely be a fun way for her to spend her birthday, especially when you take the time to go with her.

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