Clubs & Activities for Single Women to Join

Updated July 18, 2017

When moving into a new area, the best way to integrate yourself into a social scene is to join a club or pick up a new activity. Most areas, including those in rural settings, offer activities and clubs that encompass many different interests. If your interests include fitness, arts or social dating, you can often find a fascinating avenue to pursue while meeting new people.


Many cities and towns have a local yoga studio or offer yoga practice through the YMCA or gym. Yoga is a way to centre your mind and balance your body. The people you meet in a yoga class are often gentle souls committed to health and mental clarity. Yoga offers a non-competitive forum for trying something new. If you strive for an out-of-the box experience, find a "laughter yoga" club and discover a new way to tame tension.

Fitness Groups

Whether you live on the coast, in the mountains or in the city, fitness groups are the new rage. Surf clubs, ski clubs and bike clubs are often dual-gender and encompass individuals who love to embrace life. Most groups organise weekly recreational gatherings or trips and offer facility discounts to their members. It's a way to meet people, practice a sport you love or a try a new sport, and receive discounts at local resorts and shops.

Book Clubs

If your free time is usually spent curled up to a fire and engrossed in a good read, a book club might suit your fancy. In book clubs, you'll often find intellects who love to drink wine, discuss book content and enjoy personal company. Usually book club meeting areas rotate from house to house and can include food, drink and laughter. If you want to get to know what makes people tick, join a book club and open your eyes to others' views and interpretations. Most often, you'll learn something new or see things in a different way.

Singles Clubs

The social butterfly looking to spend a little time with the opposite sex may love to try a singles club. Singles clubs offer social mixers where you can interact with others and find a potential date. Events such as speed dating nights, wine tastings and fundraisers offer an outlet for mingling to find a good match. Some singles clubs go as far as to integrate activities that are fitness or arts related, allowing you to choose a social event that would tend toward attracting others with your same interests.

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