Problems With Stihl Leaf Blowers

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Problems With Stihl Leaf Blowers
An air filter clogged by leaves may reduce your Stihl leaf blower's engine power. (leaves image by pearlguy from

During autumn, many homeowners are bothered by leaves that fall from the trees on their property and gather on their lawn. A Stihl leaf blower can help you solve this problem without requiring too much effort on your part. From time to time, however, problems may arise with your Stihl leaf blower that prevent it from operating effectively. Being able to identify problems that occur with your leaf blower allows you to save time when it comes to repairs so you can quickly get back to work on your lawn.

Clogged Air Filter

Over time, a Stihl leaf blower's air filter may become clogged with dirt and other debris. A clogged air filter may cause a reduction in the blower's engine power as well as an increase in fuel consumption. In addition, a Stihl leaf blower may be more difficult to start if its air filter is dirty. To clean the filter, turn the blower's choke knob to the "off" setting and remove the screws that hold the filter cover in place. Carefully wipe away any visible dirt or debris surrounding the filter. Some Stihl leaf blower models may also have a pre-filter, which should be removed from the filter and cleansed with warm, soapy water or another nonflammable cleansing product. If the filter itself is dirty or damaged, replace it with an approved replacement filter. Place the pre-filter back over the filter once it has dried and replace the filter cover by securing it in place with the screws.

Worn Spark Plug

It is common for the spark plug on a Stihl leaf blower to become worn after hours of use and to affect the blower's performance. In general, Stihl recommends replacing the spark plug every 100 operating hours. However, some spark plugs may require replacement before the 100 hour mark due to damage from a clogged air filter, the use of inferior fuel or a poor fuel mix or running the blower without full fuel flow. When replacing the spark plug on a Stihl leaf blower, be sure to securely push the spark plug boot onto the terminal because a loose fit between the spark plug terminal and the ignition wire connector may cause a fire during operation. In addition, be sure to choose the right size spark plug to ensure that the fit is as snug as possible.

Erratic Idle Behavior

Some Stihl leaf blowers may occasionally demonstrate erratic idling behaviour, which may include the engine going still while idling or the engine having poor acceleration when it is taken out of idling mode. In most cases, the blower's carburettor requires adjustment to address these issues. If the blower's engine stops while it is idling, begin with the carburettor in the standard setting, which requires two full turns of the idle speed screw (LD). The LD must then be turned approximately one half turn in a clockwise direction to ensure that the engine will continue to run while in idling mode. If the engine is experiencing poor acceleration, begin with the carburettor in the standard setting and turn the LD approximately one half turn in a counterclockwise direction to help improve the blower's acceleration as it comes out of idling mode.

Dirty Cooling Air Inlets

A Stihl leaf blower's cooling air inlets help prevent the tool from overheating. It is not uncommon, however, for the inlets to become clogged with dirt and debris while the blower is in use. If you notice that your leaf blower is overheating, examine the cooling air inlets to see if they are dirty and clean away any obstructions with warm, soapy water. Avoid using harsh cleansers when cleaning the inlets because cleaners with strong aromatic oils like lemon or pine may be flammable. Be sure to wipe away any moisture from cleaning the inlets before using your blower.

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