Dog-Friendly Places to Get Married

Updated April 17, 2017

A wedding unites the lives of two individuals in lifelong matrimony. These individuals often have pets that are considered an important part of their lives. They may want to include their dog in the wedding, which requires a venue that will allow this circumstance. Many wedding venues do recognise the significance of a beloved pet, so they are willing to accommodate a four-legged guest.

Cottage Weddings

A couple looking to wed in the presence of their favourite pet can rent a cottage for this purpose. The dog will have plenty of room to explore, and the venue itself is conducive to both guests and pets in space, beauty and convenience. Guests may stay at the cottage if they are part of the immediate family, while other guests can commute to the location. A cottage wedding will not overwhelm a dog, and the open green spaces will comfort it. This way, the couple can have their pet at the venue and not worry about the smells or inappropriate behaviour that may occur.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

There are many restaurateurs that are pet lovers, and they will often be open to pets attending the ceremony and/or reception at their venue. These restaurants may have outdoor space for the dogs to run around. They will also be more accommodating of the spills and messes associated with pets.

Country Inn

There are countless small inns all over the countryside that offer wedding services. They may also allow pets, as the open country will give the dog plenty of space to roam. The intimate setting will also be simpler to control and be easier for the pet to deal with. There may be farms nearby that have dogs to interact with. The wedding itself will be in a lovely setting, while the dog will feel comfortable in nature.

Farm or Castle

Farms and castles are usually situated in the country. They tend to be low-key and able to handle pets, as they already have animals present. There may even be confined areas for the dog to explore. The other animals may be able to interact with the pet, and the natural setting will be appealing. Venues that feature a wealth of outdoor space are more likely to accommodate dogs and their owners.

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