Which Colors Look Good With a Tartan Sofa?

Written by roxy freeman | 13/05/2017
Which Colors Look Good With a Tartan Sofa?
Each area or clan in Scotland had its own tartan in times gone by. (scots on wall image by Leslie Batchelder from Fotolia.com)

Choosing the perfect colour to complement tartan is important, especially if you want your home to look cohesive and coordinated. Tartans contain a mixture of colours, so look at your sofa with an artistic eye, in order to get the perfect combination. It's important to consider the texture of fabric as well as the colours; for a contemporary look, choose different textures and contrasting colours. For a cohesive look, opt for something similar.


Which Colors Look Good With a Tartan Sofa?
Yellow, black, red or blue would look good with this tartan. (Tartan-gelb-2 image by Zuboff from Fotolia.com)

If your tartan sofa has shades of blue running through it, choose your favourite shade and opt for items in this colour. Matching items to any of the colours in your tartan will tie them together, and make your home look coordinated. Alternatively, if your tartan is predominantly yellow, then choosing blue will be a striking contrast as opposites often complement each other. Avoid shades of blue if your tartan is predominantly green or red with no blue running through it.


Which Colors Look Good With a Tartan Sofa?
Red, blue, and white would match this tartan. Green, black and yellow would contrast. (Old faded blue tartan blanket close up image by Scott Latham from Fotolia.com)

If your tartan contains red, then go for red items. However, be careful as there are many shades of red in the colour spectrum; some clash, while others complement. Try to find the same shade of red, if the red on your sofa has a tinge of orange; don't get dark red items. For a contrasting look, match red with a green tartan.


Which Colors Look Good With a Tartan Sofa?
Green and red tartan is very festive, especially when matched with gold. (Christmas decoration with copy space image by Scott Liddell from Fotolia.com)

Green is a common tartan colour. Many traditional Scottish tartans such as Black Watch and Mackenzie contain green and blue. For a traditional tartan such as these, find items in the same shade of green or blue. For a popular contrast, any shade of red would look good. If you want to mute the colours, go for black or white.


Which Colors Look Good With a Tartan Sofa?
Autumn shades are warming and homey. (tartans background. shallow dof. image by starush from Fotolia.com)

Yellow tartan is generally very bright and striking. It is common to tone down the colours by adding black or white. If you want to make a statement, opt for the opposite shade of blue. However, be careful -- blue comes in so many shades; if the yellow is bright, choose true blue or navy. For a mustard yellow, go for autumnal colours such as burnt orange, brown or black.

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