Crafts to Illustrate the Creation Story from the Bible

Updated November 21, 2016

The story of Creation is a fundamental belief of the Christian faith. Children process teachings better when they have hands-on projects to learn from, and there are many simple projects that can be incorporated to teach the Creation story. Most projects require inexpensive materials and little preparation time.

Paper Plate Day and Night

Cut enough paper plates in half so that each child will get a half. Then give each child a whole plate as well, so they have a total of one and a half paper plates. Then have each child paint the whole plate black, and the half plate blue. Cut out clouds from white construction paper and a moon, stars and sun from yellow construction paper. Talk about how the world was dark at first. Then cover half of the plate with the blue plate portion. Explain that God separated the light from the darkness and called the darkness "night" and the light "day." Then have the children glue on the stars, moon, clouds and sun. Explain how God created the heavenly lights on the fourth day.

Man Out of Clay

Give each child a small ball of modelling clay. Have them form the clay into a man. Ask if it was difficult to make the man out of clay. Then ask if a man could be made out of dust. Talk about how God created man from dust and then breathed life into him. Then talk about how He formed Eve from Adam's rib.

Creation Calendar

Draw lines on a sheet of construction paper and divide it into six sections. Create one of these sheets for each child. Have the children colour the first day yellow for light; a cloud on the second day; plants for the third day; sun, moon and stars for the fourth day; fish and birds for the fifth day; and animals and people for the sixth day. Then explain that God rested on the seventh day. You can also download free printable project sheets for this craft from the Bible Kids Fun Zone website.

God Creates Animals

Provide a bag of pom-poms with different sizes and colours, felt scraps, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Have each child create an animal of their choice using the materials you have provided. Explain how God created all the animals and how Adam was allowed to name them.

Creation Cards

This project works well for a small class; have seven sheets of construction paper, one for each day of creation. Allow each child to design one day in their own way. Provide construction paper, glue, scissors, crayons and markers for embellishment. These sheets are good to hang up the classroom for decoration.

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