Fun things to make from PVC pipe

Updated February 21, 2017

PVC pipe is a sturdy building material that you can use to make a variety of fun projects. The variety of fittings available simplifies building projects with both straight and angled lines. PVC pipe cuts easily with a hacksaw or with a special pipe cutter and glues together quickly using PVC primer and cement.

Wind Chimes

Create your own distinctive set of wind chimes using PVC pipe, fishing line and crystals. Cut a standard 10-foot long pipe into five 12-inch long sections and then decorate each one with acrylic paint. Mark each pipe 1-inch from the end and drill a 1/8-inch hole straight through each mark. Thread strands of fishing line through the holes and then tie the lines to a 7-inch metal craft ring. Space the pipes evenly around the ring. Add a strand of crystals or beads to each of the PVC pipes on the wind chimes for a touch of fun and whimsy. Thread a crystal prism to the centre of a 36-inch long strand of fishing line. Double the line so that the crystal hangs from the bottom, and then thread colourful crystal beads over the doubled line to the crystal. Add 3 inches of crystal beads to the doubled strand, then feed the lines through one of the PVC pipes and tie it to the craft ring.

Bottle Tree

A bottle tree is a fun and decorative yard ornament that supports colourful, inverted bottles. Create a PVC bottle tree by connecting a series of PVC wye connectors with straight sections of PVC pipe to make the length of the trunk of the bottle tree. As you join the wye connectors to the straight sections, arrange the wye connectors so that the angled section is facing in a variety of different directions around the tree trunk, similar to limbs on a tree. Cement varying lengths of PVC pipe into the angled wyes to create the branches for the bottle tree. Fit the bottles over the ends of the PVC branches.

Doll Furniture

Create swing sets, tables, and chairs for your doll collection using PVC pipe. Build an A-frame swing set with square frame box swings that will hold your dolls securely in place. Use slip-T connectors to join the vertical PVC hanging swing supports to the horizontal pipe across the top. Do not glue the slip-T's in place so that the swings will actually move back and forth. Build ladder back chairs and rectangular frame tables for the dolls to have a tea party. Cover the table top with a sheet of glass or wood.

Target Game Frame

Another fun thing to make with PVC pipe is a frame for a target game. Connect four equal lengths of PVC pipe in a square using 90-degree connectors at each corner. Cut a section of Velcro fabric to fit inside the dimensions of the square; two to three Velcro loops will work. Attach each side of the centre fabric to the PVC pipe frame. Paint target circles onto the centre fabric, giving each a point designation. Hang the target from a tree branch or doorway and toss throw-and-stick balls to play the game.

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