Tips for Building Wooden Model Boats

Updated April 17, 2017

Building wooden model boats is a hobby requiring the ability to measure and calculate measurements well in addition to a keen eye for the detail required to make quality models. People interested in this hobby can combine a thirst for knowledge about the shipbuilding trade with the hands-on process of building a model.

Historical Knowledge

Building model ships is a re-creation of the work that shipwrights did for centuries. By developing a working knowledge of the history of shipbuilding, wood modelers can make their models closer to reality. The development of the hull, for instance, came about from experiences on the seas with different shapes on the bottom of a ship.

Proper Tools

Many wooden model boat building tools are basic math tools, such as a ruler, compass and protractors. Other tools are basic home improvement or construction tools, such as a planes, hammers, chisels and clamps. The trade also requires some special tools, which are important to have on hand. Vices and hand drills are important for model ship builders. Having the right tools makes the work flow much better.

Attention to Detail

Working with detail is vital to being good at the model shipbuilding craft. This work often requires a magnifying glass and tweezers because of the size of the pieces involved. Planking and grating, the process of creating the ship's deck, are major components of good model ship building, and these activities require a keen attention to detail to get right.

Architectural Understanding

Model ships need to look like their life-size counterparts if they are good specimens. Boats work on some basic physics and architectural principles. Knowing about these principles will aid in the design and development of your own model boats.

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