The best carpets for kids

Updated February 21, 2017

It is no secret that kids are messy. Whether it is in their bedroom or playroom, the carpet that is installed in an area where children play is bound to get a lot of wear and tear. There are certain types of carpet that are more durable and protected than others. The material, the style, the colour and the protection are all factors to consider when purchasing carpet for children.


Nylon, polyester, olefin, wool and fibre blends are the most common types of carpet. Nylon is the most resilient fibre. Because it is a flexible synthetic, it can bounce back to its original form. Denier nylon is even more resilient than regular nylon. Nylon is an excellent choice for a children's area. Polyester is also a synthetic fibre, but it is not resilient like nylon and mats down easily. It is less expensive than other carpet, however. If you know you are going to change out the carpet in a few years, it may be acceptable in a room for children. Olefin, also known as polypropylene, is a synthetic fibre that's very durable, but it tends to show stains. Wool carpets are very soft and attractive, but they are expensive and hard to clean. Wool carpeting is not recommended in areas for children.

Carpet Style

Carpets come in a variety of styles: loops, twists, cut pile and a mixture. They also come in plush and strong styles. This helps determine the softness and resilience to traffic.

Frieze consists of twisted fibres that lie to the side. It wears well, hides marks and is comfortable. This is recommended for any room.

Saxony is cut-pile style. It is plush and therefore comfortable, but it tends to show footprints and other marks, so it's not the best choice for children.

Berber has continuous loops. There are smaller loops and larger loops. It tends to snag, so children may rip out some of the loops as they play. The texture does hide marks, but Berber is not very comfortable. It is not recommended for children.

Sculptured mixture carpet consists of both loops and cut pile. It usually has two colours, a light and a dark shade. This helps to hide marks. Sculptured carpet also wears well, so it is recommended for children.

Colour Choices

A solid, medium-shade colour is good for rooms with high traffic and where children play. Avoid dark carpets, which will show lint, and whites and off-white, which show dirt easily. Colours such as grey, beige, blue, brown or flecks of colour work best. A pattern that has multiple colours helps hide soil and stains, so it's also ideal for children's areas.

Stain Protection

Most modern carpet has fibres that have been treated with stain protection. Stain treatment brands include familiar names such as Stainmaster and Scotchgard. A carpet for children should have stain protection. Most carpet manufacturers include stain protection warranties.

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