Rainforest Assembly Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The issue of the rapid destruction of the rainforests is one that does not always receive its due attention, but it is relevant in the functioning of our world. Rainforests relate to a variety of school subjects, such as biology and earth sciences, which gives the issue educational impact as well. Hold school-wide meetings or assemblies to discuss the issues and to brainstorm ways to help.

Organization-Led Assembly

Invite an organisation, charity or non-profit group working to preserve the world's rainforests, and educate adults and children about their importance. Gather the entire school in a large area, such as the auditorium, to listen to the group's presentation. Many organisations, such as Bruce Segal Assemblies, present to children regularly and can customise the presentation for the age groups and grades assembled. This type of presentation will showcase what the issues are, who is working to save the rainforests and how they can get involved.

In-House Presentation

Schools often encourage students to become involved with causes and perform community service. Present students with reasons for working to save the rainforests as well as how they can help with a rainforest awareness presentation. Show the students with a map or pie chart how many rainforests were in existence 10 years ago and how many remain today, which will demonstrate the rapid consumption of the rainforests. Present a slide show that displays what animals and plants are nearing extinction due to the destruction of their habitats. Conclude the assembly with the addresses of government members who oversee the rainforest destruction so students can write them letters and send petitions to save the rainforests.

Animal Involvement

Often students will become most engaged in the rainforest issue when elements that hit close to home are highlighted. A student may not completely comprehend the significance of why cutting down the rainforests will harm our ecosystem. However, bringing in an adorable animal cub that could potentially become extinct could touch upon their compassion. Contact a local zoo to see if they are able to bring a few animals in for an assembly. Invite a few students up to the front to pet some of the animals, under the supervision of the zoo professionals. This will bring to life what is at stake with the destruction of the rainforests.

Presenting the Change

Hold an assembly that calls students to action. As a school, begin an outreach plan to help call attention to the destruction of the rainforests. Have each student collect signatures on a petition to end the demolishing of the rainforests. Encourage students to ask friends, family members, members of their church and teammates to sign their petition. Gather all of the petitions, and compile them into one petition by attaching the sheets together end to end. Ideally, the paper would form an impressive trail. Invite neighbouring schools to another assembly, and give them an overview of rainforest destruction and show them the petition. Encourage them to begin their own school-wide programs, and set a date to meet in another assembly to join all of the schools' petitions. At the end of the year, send the petitions to a senator or government official. Invite the local media to the end-of-year assembly where the collaborative petition is presented to give the issue more publicity.

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