What Lenses Fit a Pentax K Mount?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Pentax K mount is a popular lens mount that is used on many cameras and works with a wide variety of lens types and brands. Pentax introduced the K series in 1975. Its bayonet-lens mount was a big hit at the time, and more recent Pentax cameras have updated versions of the K mount. With a K mount camera body, you can find the perfect lens for every photo situation.

Pentax K Mount Cameras

Pentax created the original K mount, and it has made many cameras over the years that have the K mount for lenses. Pentax K-series, M-series and LX body cameras have the original K mount. Some popular models from these series include the K2, K1000, SE, ME, MV and LX.

Pentax Lenses

A variety of Pentax lenses will fit Pentax K mount cameras. The K1000, KX, MX and KM camera body is compatible with Pentax F, D FA, FA, AF, M, K and A series lenses. ME, MG, MV and MV1 body cameras work with Pentax K, AF, M, D FA, FA and A series lenses. ME Super, K2, K2DMD and LX body cameras with the K mount will work with Pentax F, D FA, FA, AF, A, M and K series lenses.

Other K Mount Lenses

Other camera makers have also used the K mount over the years on their camera bodies. This includes many of the Vivitar, Cosina and Ricoh brand cameras with interchangeable lenses. Many of these manufacturers also made lenses for their cameras. Many of these lens will fit Pentax cameras with the K mount. You can also use adaptors that make many lenses with different mounts compatible with the Pentax K mount.

Third-party Lenses

One if the best features of a Pentax camera is how compatible it is with other brands. You can find lenses manufactured by independent lens makers that are made to fit your Pentax K mount camera perfectly, without making adjustments or needing adaptors. Sigma makes a wide variety of lenses that work with the K mount. Some Sigma models that are compatible with the Pentax K mount are the 28-300 mm F3.5-6.3 DG Macro, the 70-300 mm F4-5.6 DF Macro and the 70-300 mm F4-5.6 DG OS. Tamron is another manufacturer that makes Pentax K mount compatible lenses. Some of their lenses that work with the K mount are the Model A14, A061, A031, A09 and A001. Tamron also sells an adaptor to make some of their other lenses adaptable to Pentax K mount and other camera brands.

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