Animal testing debate topics

Written by megan kelly
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Animal testing debate topics
Animal testing can be both beneficial and detrimental. (Medicine image by Stephanie Mueller from

Animal testing is a widely controversial subject that has been in the centre of many heated debates. Whereas some think that animal testing is cruel and unusual punishment, others argue that animal testing can help save both human and animal lives. It is important to understand why this subject is so controversial when having a debate with someone about animal testing.

Animal Cruelty

Some people argue that animal testing is cruel and inhumane. Animals used in tests for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products are often subject to abuse and severe injury as a result of the tests. Some animals are left with irreparable damage to skin, organs and the brain, and others often die as a result of infections or dangerous products. An argument against animal testing states that humans have no right to inflict pain and abuse upon animals. It is ethically wrong to injure or kill an animal through scientific testing.


Many people argue that animal testing is ineffective and that results from tests cannot be applied to humans. According to the Food and Drug Administration, 92 per cent of tests deemed safe and effective during animal testing are proven ineffective or unsafe for human use. For example, a drug produced on the German market in the late 1950s was "proven" to be a safe and effective sedative during animal tests. The drug was marketed to pregnant women, and despite the fact that it was tested, up to 10,000 children were born with severe deformities after expecting mothers took the drug. In another example, more than 80 vaccines for HIV/AIDS that were effective in monkeys were proven ineffective in humans.

Proven Method

Arguments that are pro-animal testing state that there is no comprehensive substitute for animal experimentation because we cannot completely duplicate an entire living system in order to administer tests. It is essential for the scientific community to have a way to conduct research in order to develop preventions and cures for diseases. Many drugs have significant dangers, but scientific experimentation with animals allows scientists to gauge the safety of certain drugs before allowing human trials. This saves human lives and allows new developments of safer, improved drugs.

Medical Breakthroughs

Nearly every breakthrough in medicine in the past 100 years is attributed to animal testing. Every year, scientists use animal models to develop cures and preventions for diseases that are prevalent around the world. Some examples of scientific breakthroughs that have been possible through animal testing include blood transfusions, dialysis, chemotherapy, bypass surgeries and organ transplantation. This research saves human and animal lives and will continue to do so as long as animal testing is used as a method of discovery.

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