Coraline Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

"Coraline" is the popular book and animated movie about a curious young girl who finds an alternate universe, known as Other World, after unlocking a forbidden door in her home. Other World is a strange place, where people have buttons instead of eyes.

Coraline character costumes are easy to re-create using everyday items and a little imagination. They are sure to stand out at any Halloween party.

Coraline Jones

Use a wig or spray-in colour to create a chin-length, blue bob and fasten a dragonfly-shaped barrette on the left side of hairline. Dress in denim jeans, a long-sleeve peach or pink T-shirt, a yellow rain jacket and yellow rubber rain boots. String an old key around black satin ribbon and fasten around your neck. Finish by dotting brown make-up on your cheeks to create freckles.

Other Mother

Other Mother is Coraline Jones' mother in Other World. The costume is a quick and easy adult costume and a great complement to a Coraline Jones costume. Wear a light-coloured turtleneck and denim jeans. Wear a short brown wig or style hair into simple chin-length style. Create faux "button" eyes by closing eyes and having someone paint eyelids black with face paint. Add button detailing by using white paint to draw a small "X" in the middle of each eyelid, on top of the paint.

Other Father

Coraline's Other World father is known as Other Father and is an easy and simple costume for an adult male. To create the costume, dress in a green or dark shirt, worn tucked in, and denim jeans. Wear dark-rimmed eyeglasses or empty frames. Create button eyes using instructions for Other Mother costume.

The Cat

Coraline's trusty feline friend, known simply as the Cat, is her guide through her adventures and can be easily recreated. Dress in black trousers and turtleneck and gloves and add black shoes or ballet slippers. Paint whiskers and a nose on your face using black face paint or black eyeliner. Add cat ears, which can be bought at a costume shop or easily created at home by gluing black construction paper triangles to a black or clear headband.

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