Night Elf Hairstyles

Written by chris miksen
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Night Elves in "World of Warcraft" sometimes appear as strange woodland folk whose customs and traditions differ greatly from their human counterparts. Like their lifestyle, the Night Elf hairstyles also feature many styles that do not exist in other races. You can choose your Night Elf hairstyle from a limited selection of styles at the beginning of the game. You can access the remaining hairstyes by visiting a barbershop in Ironforge, Dalaran or Stormwind. Hairstyle does affect gameplay.

Male Night Elf Hairstyles

The hairstyles of male Night Elves consist mainly of long, flowing hairstyles, although four short hairstyles do exist. You can choose from 12 different hairstyles for your Night Elf, which includes the following: Mane, Chonmage Braids, Long, Tail, Chonmage Long, Short Tail, Windswept, Short Braided Tail, Wild, Braided Tail, Mohawk and Long Braided Tail. The long hairstyles usually consist of long hair in the back with short hair in the front, such as the Mane hairstyle, or longer braided hair in the front and short hair in the back, such as the Chonmage Braids style. The short hairstyles are Short Braided Tail, Mohawk, Windswept and Wild.

Female Night Elf Hairstyles

Female Night Elf hairstyles are opposite of the male Night Elf hairstyles. Most female Night Elf hairstyles consist of short hair either in the front or back, with only three long styles to choose from. Like a male Night Elf, as of January 2011, you can choose from 12 hairstyles as a female: Long, Loose Tail, Short High Tail, Braided Tails, Short Tail, Braided Tail, Hairband, Soaked, Tomboy, Gathered and Looped. The Long, Gathered and Soaked are the only long styles. The other hairstyles consist mainly of one or multiple braided tails either looping down in the front or hanging in the back.


The hair colours for Night Elves remain the same regardless if your Night Elf is a female or male. While you can choose to change your hair colour by visiting a barber shop, all hair colours are available when you create your character. The available hair colours include: purple, grey, dark blue, light blue, white, teal, woodland green and two different shades of light green.

Facial Hair

You have the option of adding facial hair to your male Night Elf, while you can add facial markings to your female Night Elves. Markings are essentially tattoos in "World of Warcraft." The available markings include: Bear, Blades, Crane, Leaf, Claws, Wings, Serpent, Owl and Shadow. The markings mostly appear as the indicating name suggests. For example, the Claws marking appears as two claws tattooed on the face, while the Crane marking appears as two small cranes on each cheek. Male Night Elf facial hair includes Clean, Groomed, Bearded, Mustachioed and Goatee styles.

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