Princess Castle Cakes to Make at Home

Updated November 21, 2016

For a little girl who loves princesses, a princess castle cake would likely be a dream come true. Whether you are throwing a princess birthday party or simply want to surprise the princess in your life with a castle cake, you can easily make the cake yourself rather than purchasing one from the bakery. A princess castle cake can be made several different ways, so choose the one that matches your baking experience level.

Castle Baking Pan

Create a simple castle cake by using a baking pan that contains the impression of a castle cake. When you turn your castle cake out of the pan, the cake will look like a 3-D castle. Use frosting in different colours and candies to decorate the cake so that it looks even more like a castle.

Tiered Square Cake

Bake three square cakes that are in graduated sizes. Frost and stack the cakes so that the largest one is on the bottom and the smallest one is on the top. Place ice cream cones upside down at the corner of each of the tiers so that they look like turrets. Frost the cones with the same frosting that you used on the cake layers. Place a princess figurine on the castle to complete the look.

Castle Cupcakes

Bake a batch of cupcakes and frost them in a colour that coordinates with the princess party that you are throwing. Choose the smallest sugar ice cream cones that you can find and frost them in the same colour, or in a different colour. Place a sugar cone upside down on the top of each cupcake so that each person has her own princess castle.


Bake one rectangular or circular cake. Frost the cake using a colour or flavour that works best with your party. Purchase a plastic castle and plastic princess figurines from a toy store. Wash the toys thoroughly and place them on top of the cake. That way, the little girl not only gets a castle cake, she gets a new toy.

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