Creative Ideas for Elementary School Yearbook Autograph Pages

Updated March 17, 2017

Yearbooks often have a theme that applies to the photographic and editorial content but does not usually carry over to the autograph pages at the end of the book. To keep the autograph pages from looking like an afterthought, design them in such a way as to encourage students to use them not only for signatures but also as a place where they can add their reflections about the school year or other personal touches.

Yearbook "Autograph-Grams"

On certain holidays, such as Valentine's Day, some schools allow students to send messages, candy, or flowers to other students. To facilitate this, schools set up a table in the cafeteria or other school meeting place and allow students to create candy-grams during their lunch break. Similarly, elementary schools could set up a table on a specific day of the school year to allow the children to create "autograph-grams" for their friends' yearbooks. The messages would be distributed at the same time as the yearbooks. The elementary school could request that its yearbook printing company print autograph pages with folds for holding the messages; alternatively, students could use glue sticks to attach messages to the autograph pages of their yearbook.

Themed Autograph Pages

Often, autograph pages are just blank pages for students to write on. Consider creating a theme for this section, to make the pages stand out. For example, they could be printed to look like parchment, such as that used in the Harry Potter series. The pages could just look like parchment or they could include lines around the edges, like a map. "Mischief managed" could even be printed at the tops of the pages to make them look like the Marauder's Map, which is the map in the Harry Potter books that details the location of all of the rooms, secret passageways, etc. at the Hogwarts School.

Photo Album Autograph Pages

Yearbooks are chock full of professionally taken photographs of students, teachers and school activities and events. One way to make the book more personal for the students is to print the autograph pages with outlines of 4" x 6" photographs (with some white space underneath each) so that students can glue in their own pictures of fellow classmates above their friends' signatures. This will add a personal touch to this often-overlooked yearbook section.

Journal Autograph Pages

Yearbooks rarely contain a special place for students to add their feelings and thoughts about the school year. By adding journal-like autograph pages, kids could not only write their signatures but also add their personal reflections. The yearbook printer would need to print pages with lines that have little space in between so that there would be sufficient room for both commentary and signatures.

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