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Updated June 19, 2018

The Wahl Clipper Corporation invented the first practical electric hair clipper in 1919 under the guidance of Leo J. Wahl. Since then, the Illinois-based company has continued to produce hair clipping, hair styling, therapeutic massaging and pet hair trimming devices for home and professional use. As of 2011, the company's line-up of trimmers includes dozens of products, catering from everything to minute eyebrow trimming to heavy-duty beard busting.

Beard and Mustache Trimmers

Wahl's beard and moustache trimmers for men all feature precision-ground blades and compact construction. The Groomsman corded or cordless beard trimmer works for controlling beard length, trimming and blending jawlines. Standard beard trimmers and the Battery Beard serve similar purposes via battery or electric power. Wahl's goatee trimmer and moustache trimmer focus on trimming, tapering and blending while the company's travel trimmers fit in the palm of your hand. The All-In-One trimmer includes numerous changeable heads and attachments for tackling stubble and beards alike. Lithium-ion trimmers feature rechargeable batteries with three times the run time and twice the power of standard Wahl trimmers.

Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Trimmers

Also known as personal trimmers, these Wahl products help men keep unwanted hair in check. Micro Groomsman trimmers feature rotary trimming heads with eyebrow comb attachments. The Wahl 2-Head Trimmer adds a reciprocating head to the proceedings. The 2-in-1 Deluxe Lighted trimmer features both options plus a built-in light while the 3-in-1 trimmer and Deluxe Groomer have rotary, reciprocating and detail heads. Wahl's Stylique features a built-in cleaning brush and contoured body. These trimmers come in electric and battery-operated options.

Multi-Cultural Trimmers

Wahl's multicultural trimmers focus on close, bump-free shaves and trims, using rounded blade edges to prevent irritation. The line-up includes the basic T-Blade with diamond-finish blades for fading, blending and trimming. The T-Styler Pro includes four guide combs for varying lengths while the similar corded T-Pro comes with three combs and a beard brush. A battery-powered trimmer caters to travel trimming as Wahl's Bump-Free Shaver offers hypoallergenic gold foils for sensitive skin.

Trimmers for Women

Wahl's small-sized Micro Finish and Body Kit ladies trimmers focus on precision and sensitivity. These trimmers reduce, outline, touch up and trim facial and body hair. The Micro Finish battery-operated trimmer features hygienic steel blades, a detail head, an eyebrow comb and a guide comb. The Wahl Body Kit for women, an electric trimmer, adds a vertical head and adjustable guide for shaving the bikini and underarm area.

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