The starting salary of an investment banker

An investment banker works as a representative for a financial institution that provides investment banking services. The duties of an investment banker can include helping governments and companies raise capital, acting as a negotiator for the buyer or seller during a merger or acquisition and taking part in a corporate restructuring. Investment banker's can make £39,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions for top-end investment bankers, depending on place of employment, experience and education.


An investment banking analyst is the lowest on the totem pole of pay scale. As with many entry-level positions, the job requires long hours and nitty-gritty work, usually helping a superior with her projects. Education for this position is usually a bachelor's degree. The average salary for this position, according to, is about £39,000, but can range from £35,750 to around £52,000. Salary will increase with tenure.


To become an associate, an investment banker needs a master's degree in business administration. After working as an analyst for a few years, an investment banker can be promoted to be an associate and earn a salary of at least £65,000, with a ceiling of around £97,500, according to Associates can use analysts as resources to complete projects.

Senior Positions

An investment banker who has shed the title of associate can start to earn a lot more money and, naturally, a lot more responsibility. These positions can include senior investment bankers, managing directors or vice presidents. Salaries can range from £130,000 to more than £0.6 million.

What Some Firms Pay shares examples of what many of the largest companies pay their investment bankers: Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking Managing Director: £0.9 million; Citigroup Global Markets, Investment Banking Managing Director: £436,800; Babcock & Brown, Senior Investment Banker: £183,950; BMO Capital Markets, Investment Banking Associate: £77,350; Banc of America Securities Salaries, Investment Banking Analyst: £52,000. These figures are provided to by subscribers to the website.

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