Average salary of a beautician

Written by dirk huds | 13/05/2017
Average salary of a beautician
Beauticians can occasionally work for a single client, such as a public figure. (cosmetics image by Julia Syrykh from Fotolia.com)

A beautician, also referred to professionally as a cosmetologist, helps clients improve their appearance by non-medical means. She may specialise in a certain aspect of cosmetic improvement, such as hair, nails or make-up, or provide services for all. Typically, she works for a company specialising in cosmetic procedures or is self-employed. Her salary will depend upon her type of employment as well as other factors.

Average salary

Average salary of a beautician
Salary depends on bonuses and profit sharing (Marili Forastieri/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

In figures published in January 2011, a survey listed the average annual salary for a beautician working in the United States as £11,200 to £23,000 (U$17,200 to U$35,300). This figure is dependent upon bonuses and profit sharing, and equates to a monthly salary of between £930 and £1,912 (U$1,435 to U$2,945). It coincides with previous figures produced by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2009 that put the national mean wage for a cosmetologist at £17,595 (U$27,070).

Salary by experience

Average salary of a beautician
The more experience the higher the wages (Marili Forastieri/Photodisc/Getty Images)

A survey did find, during its January 2011 analysis of the American beautician salary, that there can be large differences in average salaries depending upon the amount of experience a beautician has accrued. While the average yearly salary for a beautician with between one and four years of experience was listed at £7,150 to £20,343 (U$11,000 to U$31,298), this rose to between £15,224 and £37,050 (U$23,422 and U$57,000) for those with five to nine years in the industry. A similar wage level was attained by beauticians with 20 years or more experience: £14,283 to £38,322 (U$21,975 to U$58,958).

Salary by employer

Average salary of a beautician
Working for an employer or as self employed can determine the salary (Steve Mason/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Another variable surveyed was the impact of employer type on beautician salaries. There are two primary modes of employment for beauticians: working for a company (such as a hairdresser or beauty salon) and self-employment. The survey lists the average salary range for the former as between £12,480 and £27,889 (U$19,200 and U$42,907), while the latter has figures of £12,350 to £21,711 (U$19,000 to U$33,402).


Average salary of a beautician
Salary depends on geographical location (Ableimages/Photodisc/Getty Images)

The Office for National Statistics predicts that demand for cosmetologists will rise by approximately 20 per cent through 2018. This will be due primarily to an increasing population and, thus, more business openings to meet the demand for cosmetic procedures. As such, salaries for beauticians should remain very competitive.

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