What Kind of Antifreeze Does a Honda Civic Take?

Written by lindsay howell | 13/05/2017
What Kind of Antifreeze Does a Honda Civic Take?
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Antifreeze helps your car's engine run more smoothly. Different kinds of antifreeze work better in certain makes of cars; in a Honda Civic you should ideally use Honda's brand of antifreeze or an antifreeze of similar quality. Using the wrong antifreeze can negatively impact your car, especially during the colder months.

Honda Antifreeze

Honda makes its own specific Honda coolant/antifreeze for use in Hondas, including the Civic. You can purchase the Honda brand of antifreeze at your local Honda or Acura dealer. Check your car's owner's manual to determine what specific kind of Honda antifreeze to use in your Civic.

Prestone Antifreeze

The Prestone brand of antifreeze also works well in Honda Civics and is a good alternative to genuine Honda antifreeze because it helps prevent corrosion and rusting. You can purchase Prestone antifreeze at an auto shop or at some larger department stores in the automotive department.

Blue and Green Antifreeze

You can use either blue or green antifreeze in your Honda without impacting the antifreeze's performance; the colour difference is simply a result of the different dyes used in making the product. If you have previously used green antifreeze, you can still use blue or use a mixture of both.

Red or Orange Antifreeze

Do not use red or orange coloured antifreeze, as these products are most compatible with GM vehicles. These kinds of antifreeze will not work well in Japanese manufactured vehicles, including the Honda Civic. Check the label and brand of the antifreeze to see if it is made for Japanese vehicles.

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