Average salary of a telecom engineer

Written by wilhelm schnotz
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A telecommunications engineer or telecommunications specialist is responsible for designing and maintaining communications networks used in the public and private sectors. This position requires knowledge of developments in hardware and software as well as the understanding to provide correct implementation of the two to fit the needs of a client or employer. To do this, telecommunications engineers must be able to analyse an organisation’s telecommunications needs and discuss its structure with those who intend to use it, so telecom engineers must also possess communications and analytic skills in addition to technical knowledge.

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On average, telecommunications engineers earn an annual salary of £35,810 in November 2010, according to Salary.com. Half of all of workers in the field make between £31,670 and £42,828, with the highest 10 per cent of telecom engineers earning salaries that exceed £49,218. Indeed.com, which computes an average salary for the position based off advertised openings for the position, projects the average salary of a telecommunications engineer to be £69,550 annually, as of November 2010.

By Industry

Because telecommunications are an integral part of modern infrastructure, many different industries employ telecommunications engineers with slightly different specialities. Although pay scales across different sectors are generally within the same range, the type of work a telecom engineer performs may reflect on his earnings. Those working in information technology services have the lowest average salary range, falling between £36,907 and £54,809 as of November 2010, according to PayScale, Inc. Those employed by the network and communications industry earn the most, with salary that range from £38,460 and £57,301, according to PayScale.

Senior Positions

With more experience in the telecom field, an engineer may earn higher wages. Senior telecom engineers – those working on the telecommunications engineer IV level – can expect an average salary of £60,847, according to Salary.com. Half of all senior telecommunications earn between £54,659 and £65,636 each year as of November 2010.

Additional Compensation

Telecommunications engineers receive additional forms of compensation beyond their wages. Most working in the field earn medical benefits, with 90 per cent of jobs reporting health coverage, according to PayScale. This benefit is, on average, worth £3,966 annually, according to Salary.com. Some telecommunications engineers also receive bonuses, with the average amount at £1,680 in November 2010, according to Salary.com.

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