How to Choose the Perfect Tree for Your Home

Updated December 21, 2017

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of the celebration, one of the first and most obvious symbols of the joy of the season. Choosing the right tree for your home and family can be memorable and fun.

Preparing to Shop

Before you shop for the tree, make these preparations. First, decide where the tree will go and measure the ceiling height at that location. Consider only trees that are at least half a meter shorter than the ceiling height. Second, measure the special place you’ve chosen for the tree. You don’t want to find the perfect tree only to be forced to trim off its fullness in order to fit its spot. Third, measure your tree stand for both diameter and added height. Lastly, measure your vehicle and consider how you’re going to transport your tree.

Real Tree or Replica?

The smell, the particular shape and size, the joy of finding exactly the right tree – every Christmas tree is special. The choice between a real tree or a replica is quite individual. Real trees start arriving at Wyevale Garden Centres on 27th November and experts will be on hand to help you choose the perfect tree for your home, family and circumstances.

The Real Tree Promise at Wyevale assures families that Wyevale’s experts will help them pick just the right tree.

Choosing a Real Tree

Selecting the tree is a cherished tradition that’s sure to create stories your family will share for years to come.

Find a garden centre or shop with a staff that can advise you on the best type of tree for the type of decorations your family favors, or for the theme you plan to carry out. In all cases, look for trees that will fit both the ceiling height and circumference of the display area.

When you find a likely candidate, grasp a branch and run your enclosed hand down it. The needles should not come off easily. Now bend several branches to make sure they’re pliable.

When your favorite has passed all these tests, you’re almost ready. But before heading to the decorations displays to pick out this year’s special additions to your collection, measure the base of the tree trunk. If the tree will not fit in your existing stand, add a new one to your shopping list.

Choosing a Replica Tree

Replica trees hold an honored place in modern Christmas traditions. They’re non-allergenic, flame retardant, and can be left in place as long as desired. Plus, replica trees are quite tidy – no needles falling through the season – and can be used for several years.

Replica trees are typically made from two types of plastic – PVC and PE. PVC tends to be less expensive but may not look as realistic or be as durable. PE tends to be molded into more realistic looking branches and may be more crush resistant. A Wyevale consultant will be happy to demonstrate the differences and help you make the find the best tree for your circumstances.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the price of a replica tree is impacted by the number of tips the tree has. The fuller the tree, the greater the cost and the more space required to house and store it. This is the time to consult those measurements you brought from home. Be sure to choose a tree that leaves room for your favorite topper and all the decorations you and your family treasure.

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