Hidden object games for the PlayStation 3

Hidden object games fall under the puzzle genre of games, and offer players the challenge of uncovering hidden items within a picture or scene. The items are well hidden and are often placed among lots of clutter, so as to make them hard to find. Many of the more recent hidden object games offer players up to date graphics, in depth story lines and many scenarios and levels to work through. There are several hidden object games available for the PlayStation 3, many of which also offers players the chance to use their PlayStation "Move" controller.

Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign

Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign is one of the newest hidden object games available on the PlayStation 3. Playing as the main character, James Voodoo, players explore the town of Ravenhill and the city of Richtown, searching for hidden objects and solving puzzles. There are 50 scenes to play and thousands of objects to be found. The game offers players impressive graphics and an in-depth story line. The game is also PlayStation Move enabled, allowing players to use their PlayStation Move controller if they wish.

Mountain Crime: Requital

The story line of Mountain Crime: Requital is focused on the main character, Dr. White. He finds himself answering a mysterious phone call which leads him to the remote location of the White Wolf Hotel. Players must help Dr. White solve puzzles using clues such as; memos, old letters and conversations with guests of the hotel. The game is PlayStation Move enabled, and players can drag objects they find using the Move controller. The puzzles become gradually harder, and offer even the most experienced players challenges to overcome.

Interpol: the Trail of Dr chaos

Released in 2009, Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos was one of the first hidden object game available on the PlayStation 3. Players travel around the globe solving puzzles in order to gather clues and track down the evil Dr. Chaos. There are exotic locations to explore, crime scenes to investigate and remote locations to uncover. Players are also faced with mini games throughout the levels which require them to solve additional puzzles.

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal

This hidden object game is based on the story of a girl called Nicole, a journalist whose father disappears after leaving her a note about an artefact he has found. Nicole's mission is to find pieces of the Crystal Portal key and search for hidden objects whilst retracing her missing father's steps. Although not a recent release, the game is known for its high levels of graphics and artwork. It offers players seven unique locations to explore, each with several scenes in which objects are hidden.

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