Christmas party ideas for 11-year-old girls

Christmas can be a magical time for children. If you can find the time and resources to create a Christmas party for your child and their friends at home, you will be the most popular parent around. Girls of 11 years old are still young enough to enjoy some of the more traditional party activities, with a Christmas twist, although children and adults of all ages will enjoy a Christmas party.

Food ideas

Christmas-themed parties are well suited to a variety of tasty, easy to prepare food. Sandwiches can be made with seasonal fillings, such as turkey and cranberry sauce, and the finished sandwich cut with a Christmas biscuit cutter to make interesting shapes. The same cutters can be used on coloured cookie dough in red and green, or decorated with coloured icing to look like holly or Father Christmas. Mince pies are a food essential, and Christmas cake is good to slice up and put in children's goody bags to take home.

Christmas games

Traditional party games are coming back into fashion with a swing as more parents decide to hold their children's parties at home. Almost any game can be given a Christmas twist. "Pass the parcel" could be given a "Twelve days of Christmas" theme with smaller prizes for each of the eleven days leading up to the twelfth day when a larger prize is won by the child holding the parcel when the music stops.

Christmas entertainment

Music is important at parties when children get to a certain age and girls of eleven would be particularly pleased with a real DJ to play Christmas and current pop tunes. Hiring a DJ who would be willing to wear a Santa hat and has a good light display would help to create a Christmas party atmosphere. No Christmas party would be complete without a visit from Father Christmas himself. Costume hire is reasonably priced but should be booked in advance for a Christmas party when Santa is very much in demand. A small gift for each child, labelled with their name, should be placed in his sack.

Fancy dress

Making the party fancy dress, especially for girls, adds a sense of fun and fantasy to the event. Make sure that the information is clearly given on the invitation and that you buy in some spare antlers, Santa hats and face paints in case any child arrives normally dressed and feels left out. Ideas for costumes include angels, the fairy from the top of the tree, elves and mini-Santas.

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