Characteristics of bisexual women

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Characteristics of bisexual women
Bisexuality is often difficult for people in the gay and lesbian, and heterosexual communities to understand. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

There are a number of myths that have sprung up about the sexual orientation of people who identify themselves as bisexual; these myths have made it difficult for most of society to accept bisexuality as a full part of their communities. Scientific studies have now begun to make headway in determining the way bisexuality affects women over a long period of time.

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Although many people see it as a phase, or period of experimentation, that a woman will grow out of, the label of bisexuality is now recognised as a sexual orientation alongside heterosexual and homosexual. Bisexuality is now not seen as a person attracted in equal measure to people of both genders, but instead is described as a person who can be attracted to somebody from either gender, the University of Illinois at Chicago reports. It is true that most people feel attracted to members of both sexes at various times, but in those who identify themselves as gay or straight at a later time in life, these feelings pass and are replaced by attraction to a single sex.


A 2008 study by researchers from the University of Utah was amongst the first to describe bisexuality as a lifelong sexual orientation, according to NBC News. Prior to this, those who are attracted to members of both sexes in some measure were often described as confused or unable to make a choice about their sexual orientation. The findings of this study backed up the claims of bisexual women that they were sure of their sexuality and felt attraction to members of both sexes. Attraction does not have to be an equal split, but can include bisexual women feeling attracted in a small way to one sex and in a more general way to members of the other sex.


One of the commonly misunderstood aspects of bisexuality is that those claiming this sexual preference are unable to make a choice about their preferred partner and cannot settle down. The University of Utah study reported by NBC News states that regardless of sexual orientation the majority of women interviewed in the ten year study were in a relationship with a single partner by the final stages of the study. Bisexuality is often seen by some to be an easy choice for those who do not wish to state they are gay or lesbian, instead society at large is beginning to understand people can be attracted to members of both genders.


In general, bisexual women do not alternate between the sexes as many people within society believe, according to The Bisexual Index. One of the characteristics of bisexual women is their ability to settle down in a relationship with a single partner. This idea of promiscuity among bisexual women has led to the false belief that a bisexual person of any gender is more likely to carry some form of sexually contracted disease; much like the gay and lesbian communities, bisexual women are often more aware of the dangers of sexual diseases than heterosexual people.

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