Things to get your best friend for her birthday

Written by sheila mulvenney | 13/05/2017
Things to get your best friend for her birthday
Try to plan a present that your best friend will enjoy. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Best friends are very special and birthdays are a chance to show how we value such friendships. Sometimes distance may mean that a present has to be sent, which restricts what can be bought. At other times the present may not be an actual item but a party, treat, experience or even holiday. It is important to remember that a best friend doesn't really need anything other than to know they are valued, but it can be really rewarding to plan a present for someone that they will really enjoy.


If a present is thought to be the best option then something that can be kept and treasured may be a good idea. Jewellery is an obvious choice and comes to suit a range of budgets but there are other options, candle holders, accessories, something to suit their favourite hobby or something that is a memento of times spent together, such as a photo of a memorable night on holiday. A range of personalised gifts, from clothes to household items are also great options. The choice will ultimately depend on the age and tastes of the best friend and the giver.

Parties as presents

The beauty of buying a present for a best friend is that their preferences are known. So, it is possible to plan a party, as a present, that will suit them perfectly. Whether it is a surprise or something that they input, a party can be a brilliant celebration and a great way to show how much they are appreciated. The key ingredients are inviting people that are valued by them and arranging something that you know they will enjoy.


Everyone can enjoy an experience, from spas to skydiving, pottery to wine tasting an experience can be tailored to suit the best friends preferences and it is something that can be enjoyed with them. There are a wide range of experiences that can be enjoyed together and provide something that can be remembered for a long time after the birthday. A voucher for something they have always wanted to do, sky diving, a makeover or a massage will often be really appreciated.

Valuable memories

The really important thing about celebrating a best friends birthday is that it is something that can be remembered. It is a chance to celebrate the friendship and show how much the friendship means. So whether it is a shopping trip and lunch together, a cocktail evening with friends, a cupcake party, a spa or a weekend break or holiday, it is a chance to show how much they are valued.

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