Funny things to do to people when they are sleeping

Written by stuart withers Google
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Funny things to do to people when they are sleeping
Pranks on sleeping people provide innocent amusement for their friends. (Ulrik Tofte/Lifesize/Getty Images)

We’ve all been there: peaking too early as the life and soul of the party, only to be found two hours later plummeting into the land of nod whilst everybody around us is still awake. The happenings in that unconscious time are a mystery, but more often than not sleeping people are prime targets for a funny prank or two. If you need a little inspirational fuel to ignite your inner prankster, then here are some of the funniest things you can do to your poor, unsuspecting, sleeping friends.

The blank canvas

There really is no better artist’s medium than a sleeping person. If it didn’t completely breach human rights, carefully decorated sleeping people would probably be hanging on walls all over the Tate Modern. The soft texture of skin is often too tempting and you know you’re just going to have to draw on it. What you decide to draw is completely up to you, although a load of “Z’s” all over the face, a uni-brow, or a moustache usually go down well. If you have a very forgiving friend and you want to be extra funny (or borderline mean), gently draw on their eyelids, as they probably won’t notice for a while.

The buckaroo

If you didn’t play Buckaroo as a child, here’s a quick overview. Buckaroo was a game where each of you took turns to stack items on a small mechanical mule. Eventually, one of you would trip the vibration sensor and the mule would buck all of the items off. The adult version is much funnier and costs nothing. You just need plenty of items and a friend who’s enjoying forty winks. The aim is to keep stacking items (rubbish items work well, you evil person) on your sleeping buddy until he finally notices and bucks out of his sleep coma. Make sure you have plenty of items ready in case you have a hardcore sleeper on your hands.

The tickler

Most people are ticklish, especially those that proclaim quite loudly and obviously that they’re not. What better way is there to have a bit of fun with your sleeping comrade than trying to tickle them awake? All you need is a material capable of administering that all-important tickle. The classic feather or fine-stranded duster usually works best. If you have a few partners in crime with you for the ride, then you can even devise a great point’s based game. Each body part should be worth a set number of points, with points being given if the body part is tickled without waking your victim. The nose and ears tend to be the most accessible ticklish areas, so assign the highest number of points to these areas and let the tickling commence.

The transporter

This one is a tricky one to pull off and only works on those friends who wouldn’t wake up even if World War III commenced outside their bedroom window. Anyway, most of us have one of those friends, and when they fall victim to their own heavy eyelids the fun can really start. For this one, note that you’ll need a few helpers and logistic capability. The transporter involves carefully moving your sleeping beauty to a different snoozing location, so that when they awake, they’ll be really disorientated and probably won’t have a clue how they got there. Where you move them is up to you, but providing the weather isn’t too bad outside, transporting them into nature’s elements usually sparks a good laugh or two.

The restrainer

This one provides the most laughs when the person wakes, and you can continue the joke for as long as your cruel mind pleases. For the restrainer, you’re going to need a lot of string or some heavy duty duct tape, both of which are readily available in most households. Being careful to not wake your snoozing subject, slowly start to tie or tape them down to the furniture they are sleeping on. Soon enough, your poor unsuspecting friend will slowly start to look like a caterpillar in a cocoon. Upon awakening, they’ll be met with that sinking feeling of helplessness, being about as mobile as a mad man in a straitjacket. When and how you decide to free them from their shackles is up to you. Ultimately, it depends on how nice you’re feeling. Have fun!

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