Types of careers with motorcycles in the UK

In the UK, there are a number of careers that are motorcycle-based. Typically, they are jobs of a fast-paced nature. Very often they revolve around the work of the emergency services. Motorcycle couriers are also in high demand in the UK. As are paparazzi photographers who can head off on motorcycles in hot pursuit of camera-shy celebrities.

Policing the streets

A job as a motorcycle-based police officer in the UK is an exciting one. The starting wage is around £23,000 per year. Requirements include being a UK citizen or a legal resident for at least three years. Police motorcyclists are often employed in big-city environments. Riders are taught to skillfully negotiate their way through congested traffic when chasing a suspect. Responding to accidents and emergencies on motorways is also a regular part of the work of a police motorcyclist.

Delivering the goods

For those wanting a speedy, motorbike-themed career, that of a courier is ideal. Many companies across the UK require rapid delivery of items to important clients. As a result, for a motorcycle courier time is very often of the essence. A motorcycle courier is required to have excellent road skills. Being conversant with satellite-navigation technology is vital, too. A courier must also be very familiar with the names and locations of the roads in the town or city in which they are employed.

Transplant emergencies

Organ-transplants are regularly undertaken in the UK. Sometimes, an emergency arises when an organ is needed immediately. There are a number of private companies in the UK that specialise in delivering organs to and from hospitals. For speed, and to ensure that the organ does not degrade, many of those companies employ motorcyclists to make quick deliveries and pick-ups. In the event of problems, GPS tracking devices are attached to the bikes. This ensures the companies are aware of the locations of the bikes at all times.

Shooting the stars

Today's tabloid newspapers and glossy magazines are always on the look-out for pictures of celebrities in scandalous poses. Press photographers who are also adept at riding motorcycles are much sought after in UK paparazzi circles. Having the ability to ride a motorbike one-handed, while taking photos with the other, is seen as a major plus by the UK media. When celebrities hot-foot it after being caught doing something they shouldn't, there's little chance of them escaping a powerful lens when pursued by a determined motorcyclist.

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