Factors affecting the growth of fast food companies

Some of the most important factors which affect the growth of fast food companies relate to demographics and culture. The general perception of fast food changes from country to country and the kind of fast food people choose to eat changes depending on the location too. Price is a huge factor and the marketing tactics employed by fast food companies affects the success of these businesses too. What is certain is that fast food is a phenomenon which remains popular across the globe, despite our raising concerns related to health and fitness.


The number of fast food outlets found within a particular area, whether that be a city, country, or continent, will affect the success of that fast food company’s business overall. The well-known fast food brand names inspire confidence and people are more likely to enter fast food outlets that they recognize because they know what they want to order before they enter and they know how much the food is likely to cost. Location is also an important factor to take into consideration when setting up a fast food outlet, because of customer demographics. Certain religions forbid the consumption of certain foods and so a number of fast food companies cannot survive when combating against religious beliefs or cultural customs.


It’s important for all fast food companies to construct sold marketing plans. Branding image is essential for all fast food companies and it’s a good idea for some of the largest and most popular to run marketing campaigns which associate them with matters outside of the fast food industry too. They may choose to support certain campaigns or charities, for example, to integrate themselves further into the surrounding community. It’s also useful to use online advertising networks and social media networks to market discounts and offers.

Fast and healthy

Health, fitness and nutrition are important global issues and they have become more important to us over the past 10 years or so. Fast food is a great way of saving time in our busy lives, but it doesn’t help us when the fast food is also bad for our health. Lots of fast food companies have started to add healthier options to their menus and this has definitely been a step forward in the right direction. Fast food solutions no longer have to be synonymous with saturated fats and high sugar levels. If a fast food company can manage to find a balance between cheap, fast and healthy, its business will boom.


Fast food companies must find ways of keeping prices low. Fast food restaurants are not the kinds of places where people can sit down and enjoy a really good meal. Fast food restaurants don’t provide table service, real cutlery, real plates or cotton napkins. The ambience is usually poor and the chairs are not comfortable. Fast food restaurants are designed to encourage people to eat their food quickly and move on. For this reason, prices must be low. When fast food companies start to charge too much, people start taking more time in the morning to make their own sandwiches to carry to work.

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